Missy, Hayley and Nana Booth enjoy their final days together in Ackley Bridge. Actress Rita May plays Julie Booth.

Series Two, Episode One

Originally aired: Tuesday 5th June 2018, 8pm

Writer: Matt Evans

Director: Penny Woolcock

Viewers (m): 1.92

Notes: Nasreen and Missy break the fourth wall in the pre-titles sequence and introduce the audience to their neighbours whilst discussing the idea of deception. A post-credits sequence shows the girls in the sofa skip revelling over Emma and Samir kissing eachother.

Nas and Missy dress in burqas to steal cider from the corner shop. Jordan is riding his bike around the estate when he loses control and falls over - his money falling all over the street. The girls quickly take the cash and run, failing to catchup with them when he gets caught in Samir's wedding procession.

Emma has aprehensions about attending Sami's wedding party, which is taking place in the school hall. She looks at him and his wife from afar and begins to get emotional. Nas and Missy dance in the yard outside. Samir notices Emma sneaking off and he follows her to an empty classroom. She wishes him congratulations and the pair kiss eachother but stop when they notice the two girls in burqas watching them through the window.

The next morning, Nasreen instantly feels guilty about stealing Jordan's money, but is more concerned about where it came from. A mortified Emma wakes up in bed with Will. She tries to quietly make her escape but Steve, who is sleeping on Will's sofa after the breakdown of his marriage with Mandy, catches her leaving. 

Kaneez tells Nas that Naveed is starting at Ackley Bridge College and that they must continue to pretend that they are in a relationship. On the way to school, Emma gives Kaneez a driving lesson which goes horribly wrong, but she thinks it's gone great. In the yard, Emma spots Jordan being demanded money from a strange man. Emma warns him off and Samir quizzes Jordan about who the man was, but he remains silent on the subject. Sami wants to forget about the kiss, but Emma is concerned that they were seen.

Missy wonders how Nas and Nav's sham marriage is going to work. The pretend couple try and work out how they're going to convince people they're in a relationship. Everyone watches from afar as they snog in the corridor.

At the end of the day, Missy thinks the whole idea is wrong and asks whether it's what Nasreen really wants. Simone asks Missy for a tenner to top the electricity meter up, but she pretends she's skint and hides the stolen cash. It seems Simone is back to her old tricks with a random fella walking around the house in her dressing gown. 

The next morning, Kaneez is on another driving lesson with Emma when she crashes into new science teacher Rashid Hyatt's bike in the yard, knocking him over. Naveed asks Kaneez if she could get together with his mum to make arrangements for the marriage but Nasreen is less than impressed. Cory, Dan, Amin and Neil make jibes at Nav about being the man to tame Nas, but he's happy to let them joke as long as they believe he's not gay. Mandy addresses the worrying issue that Year 7 numbers are falling. Will still believes Emma is interested in him after their fling.

Rashid introduces himself to the sixth formers as their new science teacher. Whilst briefly leaving the class, Alya tells Nasreen that she feels sorry for Kaneez, as not only does she no longer have a husband, but her daughter is a slapper. Amina says it's going all around the school that Naveed and Nas are sleeping together. A fight breaks out between Alya and Nasreen when she mentions Sadiq's affair with Mandy. Rashid manages to stop them and sends them both off to isolation. 

In the exam hall, Missy panics. She looks down at her exam paper and sees the words jumbled up and runs out. Nasreen confronts Naveed about how open he's being about their pretend sex life and he apologises. Nas notices Missy upset and they leave school for a burger. The pair notice that a lad has overheard them talking about the stolen money and Missy is sure he's a drug dealer. They run off and he follows them to the back street where he introduces himself as her father Iqbal's illegitimate son. He tells her that he can take her to see Iqbal at his home in Bradford, where he lives with his other family. Nasreen doesn't want to believe it.

Mandy announces that all low-achieving pupils will have to be taken out of non-core subjects after the mock exam results from the previous day show just a 7% pass rate for Maths and English. The teachers are furious - and the pupils just as much. Sadiq offers to take the pressure off Mandy. Emma says she can't defend Mandy's decision because she doesn't believe in it herself, and the pupils decide to storm the staffroom. Mandy and Steve ask everyone to consider which exams they'll need for their further education and all of the pupils return to class. 

Intrigued about the lad they met yesterday, Missy and Nas arrive in Bradford to find out more about Iqbal's other family. Watching him through the living room window, Nasreen feels sick at what she sees - he has another wife, a son and a daughter. Iqbal invites the girls in but she just wants to know how long it's been going on. Sandra, his other wife, admits that it started before she was born. 

That night, Mandy asks Emma to open up about what's wrong with her. The two women have a fiery debate about what they think is right for the school. Emma walks off and cries in her car. Missy and Nas arrive home from Bradford and the pair wonder how to announce Iqbal's other family to Kaneez. Nas finds Naveed and his parents discussing the wedding and is taken aback. Iqbal sneaks in through the kitchen and Nas is shocked.

Emma pulls up at Samir's house and watches him through the window. His wife Maryam notices her waiting outside and invites her in. The pair feel so uncomfortable sat together. Back at the Paracha house, Nasreen blurts out the secret that Iqbal has another family, but Kaneez admits that she already knew. Nas is furious and asks Naveed and his parents to leave, telling them that she doesn't want to marry him anymore. She runs off into the back street and sobs.

The next day, Nas refuses a lift to school from Emma and Kaneez, who is going on another driving lesson. Emma brings cake into Mandy's office as a peace offering. Mandy tells Sadiq that she's not going to consider his offer to take over the school. Emma eventually gets round to telling Will that she isn't interested in him and that she was so drunk that can't remember sleeping with him. 

Emma arrives in her classroom and finds Samir. The two kiss again but the school bell sounds so he runs off. She feels immediately guilty. Kaneez extends an olive branch to Nasreen by explaining what has gone on. According to her story, a few months after her marriage to Iqbal, he left the house for Pakistan. She initially believed the story until her Aunt Fatima contacted her to say she saw him in Woolworths with another woman. Nasreen can't believe what she's hearing.

Nas and Missy climb up to the school roof wearing burqas and throw the money away to clear their conscience. Jordan collects what he can and hands it over to the bloke who confronted him in the school yard. The man says he's going to start charging interest on the money he owes.

Missy worries that Nas won't be her friend anymore if she fails her exams, but she is talked round into persevering for her grades. 

Regular cast

Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nasreen Paracha

Poppy Lee Friar as Missy Booth

Sunetra Sarker as Kaneez Paracha

Gurjeet Singh as Naveed Haider

Samuel Bottomley as Jordan Wilson

Arsher Ali as Samir Qureshi

Liz White as Emma Keane

Lorraine Cheshire as Lorraine Bird

Tom Varey as Will Simpson

Paul Nicholls as Steve Bell

Jo Joyner as Mandy Carter

Fern Deacon as Chloe Voyle

Maariah Hussain as Alya Nawaz

Sam Retford as Cory Wilson

Cody Ryan as Hayley Booth

Nazmeen Kauser as Razia Paracha

Samantha Power as Simone Booth

Tony Jayawardene as Rashid Hyatt

Nohail Mohanmed as Riz Nawaz

Adam Fielding as Aaron Turner

Adil Ray as Sadiq Nawaz

Emily Pyzer as Candice Murgatroyd

Recurring cast

Amina Arslan as Amina Mir

Abdullah Shahid as Mo Ahktar

Zain Khan as Zain Younis

Arbaz Rashid as Waqar Abdelrahman 

Hassan Mahmood as Amin Abad

Chloe Lumb as Shannon Burns

Safiyah Mardiyah as Aneesa Sahota

India Parsan as Tahira Abad

Nathan Green as Neil Sykes

Harry Lodge as Dan Fairfax

Kainat Butt as Shireen Siddiqui

Yaseen Khan as Saleem Paracha

Narinda Samra as Iqbal Paracha

Kammy Darweish as Majahid Haider

Perveen Hussain as Sadia Haider

Razia Yousaf as Granny Paracha

Guest cast

Meryl Fernandes as Maryam Quereshi

Jonas Khan as Khadim Afzal

James Foster as Craig Brimble

Vicky Entwistle as Sandra Turner

Halima Ali as Amy Turner