Nas Paracha and Ackley Bridge science teacher Lila Shariff kiss passionately in town

Originally aired: Wednesday 21st June 2017, 8pm

Writers: Ishy Din and Suhayla Bushra 

Director: Robert Quinn

Viewers (m): 1.98

Notes: N/A

Nasreen tells Missy all about her relationship with Lila, and builds up the confidence to approach her. Missy is adamant that Lila wants a date with Nas. An unknown gentleman returns to the Paracha house. Kaneez recieves a worrying phone call. Meanwhile, Cory sends suspicious text messages to Riz. Steve thinks rugby is the answer to stopping the racial divide - and wants Sadiq to invest in new kits. Mandy calls a hotel and asks whether they found a bracelet she dropped whilst spending the night with Sadiq. Steve and Will force Cory and Riz to join the rugby team after breaking up a fight between them.

Jordan tells Steve that Candice won't let him see Jamie. Steve gives him an ultimatum - come to rugby and he'll help with Jamie. Lila gives Missy a flyer for a gig she may be interested in.

Kaneez arrives home and finds her husband Iqbal in the living room, back from work in Pakistan three months early. Iqbal explains that his business has taken a nosedive. Razia and Saleem are pleased to see Iqbal, but Nasreen not so much after discovering photographs of a Pakistani village boy on his phone. Nas overhears Kaneez and Iqbal discussing an arranged marriage in Pakistan. Iqbal storms out in rage after Kaneez disagrees with him.

Steve and Mandy arrive at the Nawaz house for dinner - much to Mandy's discomfort. Steve gets to know Sadiq's wife Farida, whilst Mandy and Sadiq slip away. Riz catches them having a moment of passion. Razia asks Nas whether she thinks Iqbal will return home after arguing with Kaneez. The next morning, Riz appears distant from Sadiq. Nas tells Missy about the arranged marriage.

Cory asks Riz if he's gay - but he admits he's a virgin and wants to know his tips for getting so many girls. Kaneez pours her heart out to Lorraine. Nasreen tells Lila about her dad's proposals and Lila reassures her that telling her parents about being gay isn't as hard as it seems. Lila drops a bombshell on Nas, telling her nothing can ever happen between them - and she must never talk about their kiss. At the rugby match, Mandy sees Steve's proposal has been a success. Steve gets the impression Mandy is falling out of love with him. Cory asks Alya out on a date - and she turns him down. Wanting to impress Riz, Cory asks Chloe out. Riz follows suit asking Hayley out too. Steve offers to pay for a DNA test for Jordan to prove he is Jamie's father. Emma and Samir flirt. Mandy arranges to meet Sadiq again. Missy wants Nas to go out to a gay club in Leeds, but she reckons it's not her scene.

Cory and Riz meet Chloe and Hayley - but Hayley is less than impressed by a night down the recreation ground with some cans of cider and some shameless flirting with the boys. Nas tells Iqbal she'll consider the marriage much to Kaneez's digust - but later meets Hayley to head into Leeds.

Emma and Samir catch Mo buying drugs from a dealer. Over a kebab, Samir explains his rough past and spell in prison to Emma, explaining that he was in the same wing as Mo's dad. He also explains another big secret - he's engaged to be married. Mandy tells Sadiq their affair was a mistake.

At the karaoke bar, Will flirts with Lila, much to her discomfort. Nas is less than impressed at the gay bar, and decides to go outside for fresh air. Heading back into the club, the bouncer shuts the door and sends her away. Heading home, Nas spots Lila in the middle of town. Using the psyuedonym's Serena and Sonali, the two joke that they're not themselves when away from Ackley Bridge. Lila goes to leave but stops in her tracks and turns back to passionately kiss Nasreen. 

Regular cast

Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nasreen Paracha

Poppy Lee Friar as Missy Booth

Anneika Rose as Lila Shariff

Sunetra Sarker as Kaneez Paracha

Liz White as Emma Keane

Arsher Ali as Samir Qureshi

Samuel Bottomley as Jordan Wilson

Fern Deacon as Chloe Voyle

Nazmeen Kauser as Razia Paracha

Cody Ryan as Hayley Booth

Sam Retford as Cory Wilson

Maariah Hussain as Alya Nawaz

Nohail Mohanmed as Riz Nawaz

Jo Joyner as Mandy Carter

Paul Nicholls as Steve Bell

Lorraine Cheshire as Lorraine Bird

Tom Varey as Will Simpson

Adil Ray as Sadiq Nawaz

Esa Ashraf as Saleem Paracha

Recurring cast

Narinder Samra as Iqbal Paracha

Surinder Kaur as Granny Paracha

Abdullah Shahid as Mo Ahktar

Zain Khan as Zain Younis

Harry Myers as Dan Fairfax

Matthew Priestley as Jake Earnshaw

Nathan Green as Neil Sykes

Hassan Mahmood as Amin Abad

India Parsan as Tahira Abad

Abaz Rashid as Waqar Abdelrahman

Kainat Butt as Shireen Siddiqui

Chloe Lumb as Shannon Burns

Rita May as Julie 'Nana' Booth

Guest cast

Anu Hasan as Farida Nawaz