Baby Jamie is dumped onto Jordan Wilson in a holdall bag in episode two of series one of Ackley Bridge

Originally aired: Wednesday 14th June 2017, 8pm

Writer: Anya Reiss

Director: Penny Woolcock

Viewers (m): 2.22

Notes: A post-credits sequence shows Steve with his infant son Zak in the park.

Following Jordan's actions, Steve shows up at his house to escort him to school. Cory answers the door and explains that his brother has already left the house, much to Steve's surprise. Jordan is chased through town on his bike by some of the lads, and runs into his ex-girlfriend Candice Murgatroyd, who presents him with their baby son, Jamie before running off herself. Kaneez is annoyed when Nas starts wearing a hijab, and is confused why her daughter is not talking to Missy. Chloe is embarrassed to be seen with Emma at school.

Steve arranges with Will to set up a rugby team, hoping it will unite the boys. Missy assures Cory that their arrangement is still going ahead. He invites Nas out, but Riz gets the wrong impression and defends his sister Alya. At the park, Jordan is unsure what to do with baby Jamie, and when his dad threatens him down the phone he realises he has no other choice than to go to school. Chloe gets off to a bad start on her first day when the other girls mock her for her drunken behaviour, though she befriends Jordan when she sees the baby in his gym bag. She distracts Samir whilst he runs out of the assembly, and Missy storms out when she realises Cory has been discussing their deal.

Nas and Cory begin to kiss - and Missy reveals all, infuriating Nas. Jordan confesses all to Steve about Candice and the baby. Emma sends Alya to isolation when she embarrasses her infront of the class, though Mandy orders her out in order to keep Sadiq sweet. Steve drives Jordan back to Candice's house to give baby Jamie back, though he is attacked by her brothers when he gets out the car. Nasreen is unhappy when her friends put pressure on her to find a boyfriend. Chloe arranges to meet Hayley and Razia in town that night.

Mandy is annoyed to discover Jordan back at her house with the baby, and especially when Steve announces that he wants to regain regular contact with his own son Zak. Samir spots Chloe at the pub after being let down by Hayley and Razia, and orders her home. Kaneez arranges for Missy and Nasreen to make up after their dispute, though the two end up with bigger fish to fry when Nana loses her bingo money and suspects Simone has stolen it. They confront Simone who swears she doesn't have it. Emma and Samir grow closer. Nasreen admits to Missy that she doesn't want a boyfriend - but a girlfriend. Missy is taken aback and thinks Nas fancies her, though infact she has eyes for student teacher Lila Shariff following a brief fling last term.

Mandy and Steve call Mr Wilson in to the school so that Jordan can tell him about Jamie. Missy questions Lila about her relations with Nas. Chloe spreads the gossip round Ackley Bridge that her mum and Samir were an item. After an argument with Steve, Mandy meets up at a hotel for a night of passion with Sadiq. Missy tells Nasreen that she should approach Lila and ask her out - despite being her pupil, she believes Lila will break the boundary. Jordan watches in on Candice and Jamie through her living room window and decides to be a better dad to Jamie than his dad has been to him.

Regular cast

Paul Nicholls as Steve Bell

Sam Retford as Cory Wilson

Samuel Bottomley as Jordan Wilson

Poppy Lee Friar as Missy Booth

Sunetra Sarker as Kaneez Paracha

Nazmeen Kauser as Razia Paracha

Esa Ashraf as Saleem Paracha

Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nasreen Paracha

Liz White as Emma Keane

Fern Deacon as Chloe Voyle

Arsher Ali as Samir Qureshi

Cody Ryan as Hayley Booth

Maariah Hussain as Alya Nawaz

Nohail Mohanmed as Riz Nawaz

Jo Joyner as Mandy Carter

Lorraine Cheshire as Lorraine Bird

Anneika Rose as Lila Shariff

Adil Ray as Sadiq Nawaz

Tom Varey as Will Simpson

Samantha Power as Simone Booth

Recurring cast

Zain Khan as Zain Younis

Abdullah Shahid as Mo Ahktar

Abaz Rashid as Waqar Abdulrahman

Emily Pyzer as Candice Murgatroyd

Surinder Kaur as Granny Paracha

Kainat Butt as Shireen Siddiqui

Alisha Zaman as Amira Gill

Nathan Green as Neil Sykes

Matthew Priestley as Jake Earnshaw

India Parsan as Tahira Abad

Harry Myers as Dan Fairfax

Hassan Mahmood as Amin Abad

Chloe Lumb as Shannon Burns

Rita May as Julie 'Nana' Booth

Steve Jackson as Kevin Wilson

Guest cast

Freddie Bolt as Reece Murgatroyd

Jamie Dorrington as Jack Murgatroyd

Sebastian Shaw as Adam Smith