Steve Bell

Steve Bell

Sports science teacher

Portrayed by Paul Nicholls

First appearance: Series one, episode one

Final appearance: Series two, episode twelve

A charismatic ‘man’s man’, Steve is a big presence at Ackley Bridge College. Well-liked by the students and the teachers, Steve is always on hand to break up a fight or settle a discussion but he’s also more than up for a kick about on the school field. Steve isn’t a career teacher like his wife Mandy but he does have a vocation and is particularly good at working with kids – especially lads from challenging backgrounds. He knows how to handle himself, and normally how to keep his temper in check, and his charm and banter can get him out of a sticky situation. Steve likes his ale, his football and his wife, though Mandy’s relentless ambition can sometimes cause arguments between the couple.

Paul Nicholls plays Steve Bell in the hit Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge