Mandy Carter

Mandy Carter

First appearance: Series one, episode one

Head teacher

Portrayed by Jo Joyner

Working class girl made good, Mandy swears by the power of education. It’s made her the woman that she is today. Ambitious Mandy’s been promoted quickly through her career and sometimes is out of her depth. However, she covers her insecurities with gusto. She can be a bulldozer at times. She’s relentlessly driven which means that her relationship with husband Steve sometimes has to take a back seat. Mandy clearly loves Steve, there’s a real chemistry between them, they make each other laugh, they fancy the pants off each other and they can be a great team, but she can be frustrated by him. To be a super head, Mandy knows that she’s going to have to make sacrifices and though she almost always plays things by the book, Mandy can take risks. Once she’s on a plan of action it’s difficult to sway her off it.

Jo Joyner plays Mandy Carter in the hit Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge