Emma Keane

Emma Keane

English teacher

Portrayed by Liz White

First appearance: Series one, episode one

Final appearance: Series three, episode two

English teacher Emma has a soft spot for pupil Missy Booth, who has always looked up to her following the absence of the motherly figure in her life. Emma was the support Missy needed throughout her Nana's death, and when her sister Hayley was taken into care. Lover of travelling, Emma has spent each of her summer's away from Ackley Bridge and away from her family too - leaving her daughter Chloe in London with her dad whilst she flirted her way around tropical islands. The physical distance between Emma and Chloe came to a close when she arrived on her doorstep and enrolled at the college - causing many problems to follow.

Liz White as Emma Keane in the hit Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge